Finalto – Working hard to create the perfect technology proposition for its clients

March 2022 in Partner Content

Finalto is the financial division of Playtech PLC, a global and well established business traded on London Stock Exchange. The award winning firm is a market leader in next-generation multi-channel trading software, systems and liquidity services which are offered in a B2B capacity to their global partner network. e-Forex spoke to Matthew Maloney B2B CEO to discuss more about the business and its plans for the future.

Matthew Maloney

Please tell us a little about the history of Finalto and how the various identities of the firm have been unified.

We are three established businesses brought together under one roof. With many years of experience under our previous brands such as Tradetech Alpha and CFH being fused together as a single identity enables us to be an industry leading Fintech powerhouse.  We think we are the perfect combination of mature but with a new approach and look and feel, it’s been exciting to reinvent ourselves and refocus the business by asking ourselves the question ‘What is at the heart of Finalto?’ and that is a Fintech striving to be best of breed through innovation in product, trusted delivery and customer service and developing technologies that are industry leading. Our name Finalto, means higher finance, or Next Level financial Markets and that’s our ambition. 

In what ways has Finalto set out to offer software, liquidity and customer services that differentiate it from many other financial trading technology providers?

We are pretty unique in that we now can offer multiple products under a single-entry point. Risk Management, Liquidity, Data, Tech all with a single relationship point and one provider we have the flexibility to customise our products to suit the needs of the client.
We can do a whole broker solution – complete tech, back office, CRM etc or just let you pick what bits of tech you need, like just the white label trading platform that lets brokers move out of just doing MT4/5. Our award winning Finalto 360 stack of technologies give clients the flexibility to pick and choose from different modules, they can take just the Trade platform or additional services like back office tools too.

Finalto operates from offices all over the world and has over 600 clients, from more than 80 countries, spanning retail brokers, banks, hedge funds, professional traders, asset managers and more
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Liquidity wise there are few that can match our offering and product base at these levels. Our Risk Management team are market leading combining years of experience and new bleeding edge technology.

We are diversifying in products all the time for example our data products; which is an area where we are developing some very exciting outputs and tools for our anonymised flow of data. These new products will help grow our depth of services and open us up to new audiences as it is something that appeal to a wider range of potential clients like HFs and smaller banks. 

Finalto’s core offerings

Please can you give us a quick overview of Finalto’s geographical footprint and comprehensive B2B offerings.

We operate divisions from Singapore, Australia, South Africa, London, Cyprus and have several other smaller local offices around the world. We tend to think of our services as being localised but with global support. Local sales and support staff ensure we can make ourselves relevant to localised markets and speak to our clients in ways that are relevant and familiar.
Our B2B offering revolves around our core prime-of-prime liquidity provision, trading risk management and tech – a complete 360 solutions that features a White Label trading platform, CRM, BO and BI systems.

What types of firms are clients of Finalto and benefiting from your solutions?

Retail brokers are our bread and butter but with the growth of fintech and the improvement in our product delivery and solutions we are servicing a more diverse range of clients than ever – fund managers, hedge funds, 2nd and 3rd tier banks, family offices, prop houses and of course high net worth individuals, in addition to the traditional retail brokers.

White-label solutions
Finalto offer a wide variety of platforms that partners can adapt to their own needs in the form of a white-label solution which means the technical and financial burden is handled by Finalto’s robust infrastructure

Finalto offers a 360 suite or what you call a “solution in a box.” How customisable is this and what makes it so revolutionary?

It’s a total broker solution – all our clients need to be concerned with is sourcing customers to onboard. We provide everything – liquidity, risk, tech, even the CRM to manage how you communicate with clients. We have two major new partnerships taking the full suite this quarter. It offers brokers lots of flexibility and the ability to have it styled in the clients branding which helps our clients to carve out much needed differentiation from their many competitors enabling a more sticky client base. They don’t have to take the whole stack if they want they can pick and mix – the fact it is so customisable provides is a major point of difference to competitors. 

The complexities of NDFs have prevented many parts of the retail market from accessing trading opportunities with these instruments. How has Finalto gone about shaking up NDF trading with an offering that addresses many of the issues and provides a more streamlined forex solution?

Finalto 360
Comprising of 5 modules developed by industry experts the Finalto 360 suite provides a full broker solution enabling a business to evolve and expand exponentially

Certainly the complexities of NDFs have caused large parts of the retail market to miss out on trading opportunities. We’ve abstracted some of those complexities to allow seamless integration into existing systems and offerings.

Finalto takes the complexity out of Non-Deliverable Forwards by doing away with the product’s associated issues, providing a streamlined forex solution that can slot smoothly into any existing infrastructure.

Problems like NDF month settling time scales – retail brokers may need to pay out client PNL the next day. Having to deal with fixing dates which don’t occur in spots and needing to deal with the forward risk stemming from differences in the way retail systems work against NDFs. We are able to take away these problems and let brokers offer a clean NDF product without the hassle. Clients from small hedge funds to money managers and everyone in between can get fundamental exposure to FX markets without worrying about fixing dates and settlement risk.

2021 was a busy year for Finalto. What were the highlights from your perspective?

The biggest thing about last year was getting back in front of clients and venturing back to various industry events. We’re also building new divisions like Data and have worked to further the company under the new brand. Lots of new blood joining the team furthering our expertise, and firming our ambition of being the leading financial services provider

Finalto is servicing a more diverse range of clients than ever

How ambitious are your plans this year to grow Finalto’s B2B business further and where will your efforts to do that be focused?

Finalto has the luxury of being ambitious due to  the products , staff and infrastructure we have . We will enhance our offering with relevant products .

We will give clients alternative ways of trading some of our existing products . We will continue to optimise our Technology to enhance the clients experience . We are focusing on new Geographical areas where we have not had a presence in before . We only see growth and expansion during 2022 and beyond .