Andy Mahoney

FlexTrade integrates Tradefeedr

December 2021 in News Headlines

FlexTrade Systems has announced that Tradefeedr’s unified data analytics API is fully integrated and available within FlexTRADER EMS. Tradefeedr enables collaborative analysis of trading performance between liquidity providers and their clients using standardized common metrics. The first FlexTrade client, a European tier-one buy-side firm, is now live and in production using the integration. FlexTrade’s new API integration to Tradefeedr delivers FX data and pre-built, customizable analytics directly into the FlexTRADER EMS Order Blotter, enabling users to process vast volumes of real-time, actionable FX trading and market data within existing workflows. As a result, clients can seamlessly review their trading markouts, impacts, and spreads directly with liquidity providers within FlexTRADER EMS, improving accuracy and speed of FX trading-decision making and overall execution quality.

Andy Mahoney, Managing Director, EMEA at FlexTrade, noted: “A significant operational burden buy-side trading teams face is producing accurate, normalized FX data on which to base trading decisions. Mahoney added, “By integrating Tradefeedr directly into our EMS order blotter, analysis-ready data and analytics are available at their fingertips, delivering actionable intelligence when FX traders need it the most.”