FXCM Pro and FlexTrade partnership goes from strength to strength

March 2022 in News Headlines

Low latency used to be the domain of clients of tier 1 banks and brokers, but FXCM Pro and FlexTrade’s partnership has broken down historical barriers for smaller trading firms.

The speed by which a trader can access market information, place an order upon the market and have that order filled, are of paramount importance to attempting to achieve long-term profitability. As recently as a few years ago, low latency was primarily the domain of clients of tier 1 banks and brokers trading billions a day. These institutional trading firms have the ability to invest large amounts of capital into low-latency infrastructures, while small retail traders are faced with the challenge of minimising latency issues wherever they can. In 2019, an innovative, strategic partnership between FXCM Pro, the institutional arm of FXCM, a leading international provider of online foreign exchange and CFD trading, and FlexTrade, a global leader in broker-neutral, execution and order management trading systems, set out to overcome historical barriers and open the world of low latency to trading to smaller firms. Since then, the partnership has gone from strength to strength, delivering a myriad of benefits to mid-sized retail brokers, hedge funds and emerging market banks.

Originally a technology partnership, the relationship has progressed and in 2020, FXCM Pro began onboarding clients using FlexTrade’s MaxxTrader, an end-to-end, dedicated and customisable solution covering all products including FX Spot, Swaps, NDFs, CFDs, and Commodities. The solution was rolled out across all major hosting centres with NY4, TY3 and SG1 following closely behind LD4. MaxxTrader supplements FXCM’s existing liquidity and execution solutions, giving a significant edge in areas such as bank and non-bank liquidity customisation, connectivity between market makers and takers, reporting and measuring best execution. The partnership has received an overwhelming response and positive feedback from customers who have now got an edge on their competitors.

Providing market-leading liquidity, pricing and execution

Through FXCM Pro’s partnership with FlexTrade, its clients have access to market-leading liquidity, pricing and execution solutions. This a game changer for mid-sized firms who benefit from significantly lower trading costs, tight spreads and better access to the market. This partnership also offers advanced risk controls, operational efficiency and enables institutional FX clients in all global regions to benefit from reduced latency (single-digit milliseconds) and faster execution. It enhances FXCM Pro’s ability to offer one of the most competitive pricing models in the market.

FXCM Pro and FlexTrade’s collaboration demonstrates how advancements in technology, establishing strategic partnerships and understanding the needs of clients can help to overcome historical barriers, make a tangible difference to clients’ trading strategies and pave the way for a more diverse and vibrant global trading community.

Collaboration opportunities at IFX EXPO Cyprus

Collaboration and innovative partnerships will be high on the agenda at the IFX EXPO in Cyprus, which takes place 8-9 June in Limassol.

FXCM Pro is delighted to be attending the in-person event and looks forward to meeting you all there. It will have an installation at booth 129 where the team can provide more information about FXCM Pro’s partnerships, innovations such as CFD Prime and the firm’s other best-in-class trading solutions.