December 2021

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A FinTech platform & ecosystem
funding traders and managers

Darwinex is a FinTech which certifies track-records, seeds quality strategies and raises investor capital. e-Forex spoke with Juan Colón, Co-Founder and CEO…

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The road ahead:
What does 2022 hold
for e-FX?

As yet another year draws to a close, the institutional FX markets continue to pose interesting questions. New regulations have caused changes in the markets…

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Voice, Electronic, Hybrid
Exploring the alternative trading
models for FX broking

Electronification has long been a trend in the institutional markets. Generally speaking, electronification is a natural part of market maturation and aids in …

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Why is FX management still
a big issue for Treasurers?

After a long COVID period, I would like to discuss why FX management remains a major issue for all treasurers. Among the…

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Lucera - A top class technology
provider focused on reducing
the friction of trading

Lucera is an industry leading technology provider which delivers best in-class on-demand co-located infrastructure and connectivity services.

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The rise of Central Bank
Digital Currencies

As the use of cash declines in  major economies, what factors  should central banks consider when developing digital currencies in order to benefit both people …

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How to eliminate Counterparty
Credit and Settlement Risk as
a Digital Asset broker

Earlier this year Bosonic, Trustology and GCEX published a 2021 roadmap to institutional adoption in the crypto markets. In this article we publish the last part of their whitepaper ….

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Streaming NDFs
Building a better marketplace

The future of the NDF market has been a hugely popular talking point within the FX industry for the past couple of years, and now these conversations …

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