Paul Lambert

New Change FX releases NCFX Forwards365

November 2023 in News Headlines

New Change FX has announced the release of a new streaming swap data service. The service is called NCFX Forwards365 after its key feature of each broken date being individually calculated, rather than relying on interpolation of other points to arrive at a value. In addition to the NCFX Forwards365 service, New Change FX will shortly be releasing a live basis stream, Basis365. NCFX Forwards365 streams all business for the next 12 months of information and not just key dates. Paul Lambert, CEO of New Change FX said “We are extremely proud of the NCFX Forwards365 product. It has been a long and complex process to systematise the construction of accurate curves without using any interpolation, but the result is superb. Users can be sure that each point that they need to find a value for is individually calculated rather than being subject to what is inherently guesswork when using interpolation. This, coupled with the fact that users can stream 365 days of data rather than having to calculate each point will deliver significant change to the electronification of the swaps market”.